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The following directives will apply in general and individual churches should prepare further directions which the faithful must adhere to when visiting a church.

  1. The Church has been completely and professionally sanitized and disinfected including sacristies, the main body of the church and pews, choir loft, vestibule, bathrooms and church basement. The Church will be cleaned every morning.
  2. Anyone who feels sick in anyway must stay home. Parishioners should take their temperature before leaving their home to ensure it is not 100 degrees or higher.
  3. The Sacred Heart Garden will be OPEN at the same time the Church is open, however, no more than six people are allowed (one at each concrete bench and one standing on the brick Pathway to Prayer). NO ONE IS ALLOWED ON THE GRASS.
  4. If you are UN-vaccinated, you should NOT enter the Church without a mask. Please bring one from home. If have been completely vaccinated and are two weeks past your last shot, wearing a mask is not required.
  5. Hand sanitizer stands are available as you enter the Church. But you are encouraged to bring sanitizer from home.
  6. Lighting Candles will be allowed but NO touching of the statues.
  7. There will be NO Holy Water in the fonts. Each first Sunday of the month, we will bless water that you bring in your own containers.
  8. Bulletins will be distributed. They will continue to be uploaded to the parish website ( and e-mailed via Flocknotes.
  9. DO NOT leave any holy cards or literature in the vestibule of the Church.
  10. The priests, deacon and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion will follow the same sanitary procedures as when we first reopened.




Fr. Fred’s Weekly Letter, June 21, 2020

Dear Parishioners of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church,

Along with Fr. Fullum, Deacon Peter, the Sisters of our Convent, the Parish Pastoral Council and myself, I would like to wish you all a blessed and happy Feast Day of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus!

I would also like to acknowledge this weekend the students of Sacred Heart Catholic Academy, their parents and families, Ms. Gangi our Principal, Faculty and Staff. Friday, June 19th was the last day of school and we wish you a happy and safe summer! I would also like to thank Deacon Peter in a special way. Throughout these three months’ lockdown, he faithfully offered on-line a prayer service and reflection on the Scriptures every Friday for the students.

One of the biographical facts known about St. Philip Neri, a priest who lived in Rome in the 16th century, is that he had an “enlarged heart.” It is recorded that while St. Philip was praying in the catacombs of Rome, he had a vision of a fiery globe that came toward him and entered his mouth and settled in his chest. His heart enlarged after this experience so greatly that there was a swelling in his chest. Two ribs broke forming an arch around it for protection and to accommodate the new size of his heart for the rest of his life. Along with this enlarged heart came an even greater zeal for charity and love for the people of Rome. His desire for holiness and service to all people increased and these became the foundations of his vocation.

My friend, Joseph Mario Reali, who died at the age of 25 in 2015, also had an “enlarged heart.” A true medical condition that was not known until his death. But, since childhood, he also desired holiness and loving service to all he knew and met. His Funeral and Mass, attended by almost 2,000 people, was a living legacy and a manifestation of how our Lord loved each of us through Joe, and who continue to experience the effects of Joe’s love for us because of the symbolic virtues of his “enlarged

St. Margaret Mary Alocoque, the seventeenth century visionary of the Sacred Heart, witnessed Jesus reveal His “enlarged heart,” exposed and on fire with love for all humanity. This realization of the intimate love our Lord offers to each of us transformed her life and through her revelations transformed the Church even to this day with the devotion to the Sacred Heart, as well as the awareness of the goodness of the human person.

On this Feast Day, my sisters and brothers, I wonder if another characteristic of what it means to be a Christian is not only one who loves and forgives, but one who has an “enlarged heart?” Usually the medical diagnosis of a swollen or enlarged heart is NOT a good one. Usually, it means there is sickness or disease in or surrounding the muscles of the heart. Usually, it is the cause for alarm and immediate treatment with medication, diet and exercise or even surgery. But maybe as Christians, having a spiritually or symbolically “enlarged heart” means something different…. Maybe it means allowing more people into our hearts to expand it even more? Maybe it means we strive to be united to Christ to love as He loves, unconditionally and wholeheartedly? Maybe it means we are seeking to bring peace and serenity in our own particular way into this turbulent and chaotic world and into our own personal situations? Maybe it means offering prayers with charity from our hearts for those in
need of that spiritual lift of mind and spirit that comes from praying for another person?

May we all desire and seek to develop a spiritually “enlarged heart” in order to encompass all our sisters and brothers as we look to the example and love of the Sacred Heart for each one of us. May we proclaim with Christ using His words to describe our own hearts, “Behold this heart which has loved humanity so much!”

With love and blessings and gratitude for all your continued support and generosity,

Fr. Fred+

Announcement re: Solemnity of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Dear Parishioners,

This Friday, June 19th is the Solemnity of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, our parish Patronal Feast Day!

Since we are still not able to celebrate Holy Mass together, I will celebrate the Feast Day Mass live on the Sacred Heart Facebook page at 11:00 a.m.

Fr. Fullum will concelebrate and Deacon Peter will assist. Charlie Nicholson will also return to play music for this special day. At the end of Mass there will be a special blessing for all men in the Parish through the intercession of St. Joseph in honor of Father’s Day which is this Sunday, June 21st. Please join us for this Parish Feast Day Mass as we pray for all parishioners, staff, priests, deacons, Sisters of St. Dominic and students past and present.

Therefore, please return your Father’s Day envelopes with your intentions before this Sunday so that all Father’s living and deceased can be remembered at the private Masses offered by myself and Fr. Fullum.

With love and blessings,

Fr. Fred+

Fr. Fred’s Weekly Letter, June 14, 2020

Dearest Parishioners of Sacred Heart Church,

Greetings from Father Fullum, Deacon Peter, the Sisters of the Convent, the Parish Pastoral Council and me! On this joyful feast of The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, we are reminded that in our lives there is a mysterious mixture of happiness and tranquility, sorrow and distress. So, even on this happy day, we remember those who have died, and their families… Joseph Spano and William Niklaus. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let Perpetual Light shine upon them.

I would also like to express our heartfelt and enthusiastic CONGRATULATIONS to the Graduates of 2020 of our Sacred Heart Catholic Academy! God bless you all as you begin High School in the Fall! You truly are an amazing class as a whole and as individuals. You endured these past three months of isolation with dedication to your studies and a great spirit of
acceptance and creativity! I would also like to acknowledge Miss Gangi, our Principal, the Faculty and Staff of the Academy, the Board of Directors, and especially the Parents of our students, not only those of our Graduates, but ALL parents of the Academy for their support.

The Holy Eucharist, The Blessed Sacrament, Holy Communion, The Real Presence are all revered and venerable titles the Catholic Church has attributed to that great Gift given to us that is Jesus Himself. Each title reveals and describes a different aspect of the mystery of Our Lord.

The word “Eucharist” means Thanksgiving as He offered His life in loving gratitude and service to us. The word “Sacrament” means an outward sign of an interior experience of God’s love and presence. The word “Communion” expresses His intimate desire to be united body and soul to ours. “The Real Presence” proclaims that He is NOT just a symbol, but is truly present! Even
though we honor and adore this Gift to us every time we celebrate Holy Mass, the Church offers us this special day to pause, and reflect on It’s meaning in our own lives.

The hardship frequently expressed by Catholics who I spoke with during the recent lockdown was NOT receiving Holy Communion. To hear this was not only heartbreaking, but to be honest, was also INSPIRING. The longing you feel to be united with Jesus and the comfort, strength and peace He brings in receiving the Holy Eucharist, truly helped me feel the same. Sometimes I can
take that experience for granted. But, not anymore… because of YOU! May this Feast of Corpus Christi, unite ALL of us as a parish community. May our daily Spiritual Communion keep us longing for that day when we can receive Our Lord Sacramentally once again, and share His Presence with one another.

With love and blessings and gratitude for your continued support and generosity,

Father Fred+

P.s. A prayerful reminder that on this Sunday, 6-14, (The Feast of Corpus Christi) between 1:00p.m. and 3:00 p.m. I will be processing (in a convertible) with Father Fullum and Deacon Peter throughout the Parish “boundaries.” I will try to reach as many blocks as possible… If you hear the Mass bells coming down your block, please come outside for a blessing with the Holy

Corpus Christi Procession Announcement

Dear Parishioners of Sacred Heart Church,

This Sunday, June 14th, is the Feast of the The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ…Corpus Christi. Since the 13th century, one of the ways to honor this Gift to us is by processing through the streets with the Blessed Sacrament and publicly showing our belief in and offering our adoration to Our Lord in the Eucharist.

Since we, as a parish, cannot celebrate Holy Mass together and come to Church and receive Jesus at this time, He will come to YOU! Beginning at 1:00 p.m. on this Sunday, Father Fullum, Deacon Peter and I will be riding in a convertible car with the Holy Eucharist in a Monstrance. As we travel throughout the parish from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m., we will go through as many blocks as possible from 74th to 88th Streets and Myrtle Ave. to 77th Ave. blessing the residents who live there. When you hear the Mass bells on your block, come outside and stand in front of your house to receive a blessing. Hopefully, it will be a beautiful day!

I would like to thank Mr. Mike Bilski and the East Coast Car Association, for the donation of his classic car for the procession, and Mr. Frank Kotnik, Mr. John Baer (Grand Knight) and the Msgr. Sherman Knights of Columbus Council for helping to organize this procession. See you all on Sunday!

With love and blessings,

Father Fred+

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